Sunday, May 20, 2007

A little more rain....

We are getting a little more rain this Sunday evening.  I am still waiting for my seeds to sprout.  I was bad and dug one up to check on its progess and it has roots and the seedling is starting to come up.  I reburied it and will TRY to be patient.  I know the cold weather hasn't helped, but the rain certainly will.  I'm sure by next week, I will see some plants coming up and then there will be no stopping them. 

I am a little disturbed by the "graphic cops" that have suddenly come down on one of our fine artists who provide us with fun and beautiful tags and graphics for our journal.  I'm quite sure that this person has not stolen anything and if she did take something that was protected it was not intentionally.  There are other people who use the same material and add a bit of sparkle to it and then copywrite it.  I don't think thats right either.  I truly do not like to take sides, but I have known my friend for a couple years and she has been nothing but kind and generous to me and other journalers.  When my dear cousin John died of brain cancer, she went out of her way to make special tags for me with his name on them.  The picture above I found on a Native American graphic website, it is not mine, but I also did not see anything saying that I couldn't use it.  I am not profiting from it in anyway, just using it for my pleasure and hopefully the pleasure of others. 

I found this on someone elses website, I hope they don't mind that I STOLE it!  Hehe!  The pictures I take are mine, or I have permission to use them however.  Here is a nice picture of a Speckled Kingsnake my brother took..

What a beauty!  Ok hope you all have a nice Monday   Linda


nightmaremom said...

I saw that notice graphic earlier and it cracked me up!!!!   Love the picture you used as well, but you knew I would didn't you?  As for the snake?  You can have it.  The colors are amazing but I hate them.  I once thought I'd be funny and use a rubber snake as a joke to scare someone.  The joke was on me, it was NOT rubber.  I've hated them since.
Hugs my friend and thanks :)

tendernoggle said...

I agree with you 100%.
love ya,

jckfrstross said...

have a good week:)


jlocorriere05 said...

No, I don't mind that you stole my notice! Lol! I feel bad for what Donna's going through, she's helped me too in private photo editing. She's a lovely person and doesn't deserve to be treated so mean. I love the snake! And stop digging your plants up, let the poor things have a chance to grow first!! Lol! Jeannette xx  

madcobug said...

I have never seen or heard of the Speckled King Snake. Ours around here are black with white on them. They are good to kill poisonous snakes if you didn't know plus rats. I once saw one strangle a Diamond Back rattler which was three times it's size. It was close to some steps where my SIL lived and she had four kids running around. I was glad to see that happen. I really don't like to be around any kind of snake. I hope your seeds come up soon. I used to do what you did to see it they had sprouted LOL. Have a nice day. Hugs, Helen