Friday, June 15, 2007

A photograph journal

I decided to start a photography journal!  Here is the link...

Not much going on.  I went to a Mounted Police trial out in Ballston Spa and the fairgrounds.  Barbara went with me and we had a nice time.  Travis passed his Global History REGENTS test with a 76!  He is in special education.  He has to take the Regents tests but doesn't have to pass them.  He is on track for a general diploma.  We were both pleased that he passed this Regents test.  Today, he took a reading test.  I hope he passed that as well.   I hope everyone has a great weekend! 


nana0014 said...

I've thought about doing a seperate photo journal with stuff, but haven't yet.
I'll go and check it out. Have a great weekend.
Take care, Chrissie

nightmaremom said...

Good idea... have that one on alerts too :)  Have a great weekend

jlocorriere05 said...

I have a photo journal, I use it for the Photo Scavenger Hunts and my holiday pics. Well done Travis, I hope he passed the reading test too, reading is so important in life. Have a good weekend! Jeannette xx  

jckfrstross said...

will add the new one to my alerts:) enjoy your weekend


bhbner2him said...

Good luck with your photo journal!  I adore the one here of the bee.  And way to go Travis!!  I know you are proud and happy.  -  Barbara