Friday, June 29, 2007

What to do today?

Here is another beautiful flower from our garden.  Its a zinnia.  Not sure what type.  What I like about it is the miniature flowers on the actual flower.  I also love the colors ranging from pink, red, and yellow.  If they continue to do well, I may enter some in the county fair.  I need to get my entries in today.  I am planning on putting in some of my peppers which are doing very well.  The tomatoes not so well, but I may have some green ones to enter.  One of my bigger tomatoes is cracked!  I don't know what caused that but I am planning on looking into it.  May be a soil deficiency.  I watered them with Miracle gro last night.  Travis has his first work day for camp.  They are setting up.  Bringing down the equipment.  I am having trouble getting him out of bed.  On the days that I work and he has work too, I am going to have to drop him off.  He will have to wait for about an hour however. 

My friend/boyfriend Dave is having problems with his foot again.  He has an open area.  He is a diabetic.  For years when he was younger he didn't take care of himself and now he has neuropathy in his feet.  So he is looking forward to another long summer on crutches.  Its kind of depressing for me and him. 

So today I am going up to the fairgrounds to turn in our entry slips.  Sarah is entering the pageant and I found a beautiful yellow dress for her to wear last night at the BonTon.  She loved it and wanted to wear it last night!  I told her NO, not until the pageant.  That little girl is on my bad list, I found out she scratched words into the paint on my car!  I was really steamed.  I still haven't decided what to do as a punishment yet.  Ok, well I have to go now.  So everyone have a great day!  Linda


madcobug said...

That is a pretty color of the Zinnia. I have made some pictures of mine but not posted any of them yet. My colors are more on the soft color line. However I prefer the more colorful ones. I do not have and two toned ones. Oh well, the seeds came from Walmart LOL. Hope Dave's foot soon gets well. Have a good day. Helen

bhbner2him said...

Best to you with your entries in the fair!  I"m sure Sarah will be a doll in her dress.  Maybe have her wash the car for you for a certain number of times?    -  Barbara

seraphoflove9001 said...

Beautiful! Good luck with your entries. I do hope that Dave will feel better. hhhmm...have her pay half to fix the scratches?