Saturday, February 2, 2008

6 more weeks

The Evil Groundhog has been drug out of his burrow and has once again sentenced us to six more weeks of winter.  Maybe if we let him sleep in for once he would be nicer.  Maybe wake him up around 9 am instead of 6. 

Sarah has her friend Heather over for the sleepover.  I bought a pizza at Wal-mart.  It was a fresh bake it yourself one with cheese.  It was only $6 something.  It is a big pizza too and looks good.  I should of got a veggie one too!  I love Wal-mart.  I got a new shower curtain and bathset.  I got some pet supplies and a baby gate to keep Daisy confined when I am out.  She is doing pretty good with her paper training.  She is starting to look more pitbullish every day.  She has nearly doubled in size.  She has a broad chest and turned out front feet.  That is really the only way she looks like a pitbull.  She might have a little in her but not alot. 

My Mom, Frank and Rich (brother) are going up to Bossier City, LA to see my sister today.  They are also making a stop at the Bass Pro shop there.  Kind of like mecca for fishermen/women.  I would like to visit there too when I go.  I guess they have live fish and gators in there!  Have a nice day everyone!  Linda

hi mom and brenda


robinngabster said...

What a cute dog!  I don't mind six more weeks of summer cause we live in Florida.  :)


breakaway1968 said...

Ya 9 sounds much better! lol  
Anyway, cute dog!  he is getting big!  WOW  

bhbner2him said...

Really cute puppy!  I can hear how much you miss your family in between your words.  (((Linda))) -  Barbara

nightmaremom said...

with all the lights on him of course he sees his shadow..... grrrrr

chat2missie said...

Has the groundhog ever predicted an early spring?  LOL
Enjoy your day.

ally123130585918 said...

Daisy is lovely glad she is doing good with her paper training ~ hope you are having a good weekend ~ Ally x

fasttrack58 said...

Daisy is too cute!!!
Linda :)

wwfbison said...

Daisy is adorable, what a cutie she is!  Too bad we are to have more winter, yuk!

csandhollow said...

Our groundhog in Georgia predicted an early spring