Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Raining again

This rain today is not doing anything to my spirit except making it feel lousy!  It is cold, nasty and wet.  Yuck! 

Super Tuesday was interesting for voting.  Looks like McCain is the probable Republican candidate and it is still a toss up between Obama and Clinton.  I went out and put my vote in for what it was worth. 

Woke up this morning by the radio in the middle of a dream about living with the Ex again.  I was picking up his urine soaked jeans off the living room floor while he was out in the truck trying to sleep.  I was getting after the kids because the house was a mess.  Glad I'm not picking up after the ex anymore.  The only pee I'm wiping up is puppy pee.  Speaking of which I bet alot of you are curious as to the weight of Miss Daisy.  Believe it or not she is only 3.4 lbs!  I know the photos of her make her look much larger than she is.  She is a long legged pup.  I was surprised myself to tell the truth!  Thanks for all who voted! 

I talked to Travis' teacher yesterday and he passed all his tests that he just took.  He took a couple English tests for reading and writing.  He also took a Regents Global history test and passed that!  He could graduate with a Regents diploma if not for math.  He passed the math ACT exam but didn't pass the Regents.  Math is not his strong point.  He will graduate with a local diploma if he passed U.S. history ACT next year.  That is cake for Travis.  He excels in history and science.  The teacher is sending me info on something called the Vesid program.  This is a program that helps him find a job and will even give him a job coach to help him learn a job once he gets one.  They also have training for jobs etc...  The teacher told me the race track hires alot of kids during the summer and does a pretty good job placing in them in jobs they are suited too. 

I have to take Tiger to the vet today as he has been vomiting after each meal.  This started when he had the round worms in his belly.  He was vomiting them up.  I hope he isn't blocked or something.  I did worm him once.  I feel sorry for this cat, its been one thing after another with him.  Not much else going on.  Have a great day everyone!  Linda


jeanno43 said...

Yuk what a horrible dream.  Hope all goes well tigger

buggieboo1 said...

I love the lily of the valley graphic!
It's is rainy and icky here today too!
Our puppy was 2 pounds when we got her.... she loves her treats , she is up to 12 pounds now! her weight limit is suppose to be 15 pounds!

~~~Make it a Great Day~~~

breakaway1968 said...

Holy cow your kidding!  3.4!  LOL he looks SO much bigger then that. I was surprised it only went to 10 lbs lol  I thought he looked even bigger!  Anyway congrats to ur son!!  WOW that's great!  And to your dream...sounded more like a nightmare to me! lol   Poor Tiger...hope he's ok.  My cat is always throwing up too after each meal but he has been doing that since he was a kitten.  He just stuffs himself so full that he can't eat anymore and then throws up!  

wwfbison said...

I was way off on my weight for Daisy!!!!  I hope Tiger gets well.

chat2missie said...

Only 3.4 pounds!  WOW!!

solace223 said...

Goodness!  I voted that she was ten, thinking I'm the animal person, past vet assistance, I should have this one in the bag.  Psh, you fooled me!  She's still just such a cutie.  I can't wait to see what she looks like as she gets older.  Good luck to Travis!!!  I'm glad I didn't have to go through all that stuff.  Too much pressure and testing for me.  By the way, I always loved the name Travis.  I always imagined a tall sexy southern guy when I hear the name.  ;)  Too bad the only Travis I ever met was my cousin.  lol  Sometimes it takes a couple of wormings to get rid of round worm.  It's a pain and VERY gross.  The first time one of my cats threw those things up I thought I was watching some sci-fi stuff.  The way they whip around until they die. Good luck with him

fowfies said...

Worm once a month...thats the rule of thumb around here. Hope he feels better soon.