Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Give away day!

Go here for a chance to win some neat scrapbooking items!



solace223 said...

Thank you for visiting my journal.  I didn't know WHICH one of yours to look at first!!  ;)  I will visit them all in time... after some much needed sleep.  *Yawn*  Daisy is adorable by the way.  Did you know that some vet's leave staples INSIDE the dog?  This is not a totally common pratice but some vets still do it.  I have a foster dog right now and I can feel where she was spayed and the staples under her skin.  I feel awful for her and want to take them out (in my human mind, I'm imagining those things poked or something with every movement) but that would require blood and yipping dog... I think they can stay.

wwfbison said...

What a neat idea!

breakaway1968 said...

Im in that one ;)  Great items too!