Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Did any of you go out and watch the lunar eclipse last night?  It was beautiful!  Very cold out here so hard to enjoy it.  I did take some pictures but AOL won't let me upload them.  I hope to get them on soon.

Do any of you like those Thin Mints that Girl Scouts sell?  Go to the store and get Keebler Fudge Shop Grasshoppers.  Same cookie and you don't have to wait all year to get them! 

Sarah tried to pull a fast one on me this morning.  She wanted to get up at 5:15.  She pestered and nagged for a few minutes and I let her get up while I stayed in bed for a couple more minutes.  I got up to see her booting up the computer!  I said "Oh no you don't missy"!  This is MY time!  We went around for a few minutes and I had to use my parental authority and tell her she is supposed to be in BED right now and this was my time to be online and if she didn't like it, she could go back to bed!  I hate being reduced to being another 8 year old with her and argue.  She is very good at arguing and comes up with some pretty valid reasons and excuses.  I think she could put the best trail lawyers to shame!  I find myself resorting to "Because I said so, and because I'm the parent".  I hate it when I'm start arguing with her!  I said I shouldn't have to argue with you like I'm an 8 year old too! 

Now I am going to tell all of you about my short period of time trying out for the Ice-capades the day before yesterday!  I was going about my business like it was an ordinary day, stopped at Stewarts for my coffee and danish before going to work.  Got out of my car in the upper parking lot and started walking down.  Just as I got to the roadway I found myself on the ground.  My right knee hit first and my lower back got wrenched.  I'm on my knees on the ground looking at my spilled coffee and wondering how the hell I'm going to get back up.  My back hurt and I was afraid I put it out.  I could see a car coming slowly up the road.  The person driving had seen me fall.  So I struggled back up trying not to fall again.  It was our Wesley chaplain that had seen me and he gave me a ride to the front door. I turned out to be ok but they wanted me to fill out an incident report just in case.  So as I was heading down and looking for the nurse I heard a Code Blue called for the parking lot.  A different one than I parked in.  Another person had fallen.  To wrap it up 7 people fell on the ice in a 5 minute span of time.  A light snow fall had been coming down and it covered the ice from view!  3 of the falls were nurses running to help the girl in the parking lot!  She had got sent to the hospital.  Word gets around fast because all day long people were asking me if I was alright!  Glad to know so many people care!  Linda


madcobug said...

I hope you will be ok. Sometimes you just have to be a parent like you just did with Sarah. They have to know who is in charge. I hope your pictures turned out better than mine. Looking forward to seeing them. Hugs, Helen

breakaway1968 said...

That's funny about Sara...I thought the same thing about my daughter...that she could be a good defense lawyer!  lol  I always told her that.   Sorry to hear about your fall!  Sounds like they should have gotten some salt out there!  Hope everyone is ok!  

buggieboo1 said...

I saw some of the lunar eclipse last night but it was cold and there was a fresh coating of snow on the ground! I am gald the snow stopped in time and the sky cleared out to be able to see it, because there won't be another one until Dec 2010...
Currently there are 4 cases of thin mints in my living room!

tendernoggle said...



wwfbison said...

The eclipse was neat to see, but like you said it is so cold!  Ewww, too bad you took such a spill ~ hope you aren't too sore later.

chat2missie said...

The snow and clouds from yesterday cleared up just in time to have a perfect clear view of the eclipse.  I took pictures also, but they're not the greatest.  I'll be posting mine later.  Glad your were okay after that fall.

hpycmpr155 said...

I missed the eclipse....I fell asleep.
But I do wish I had stayed up to see it.
We are so far out in the country, we have a clear view of the sky.

Sorry about your fall.
Hope you're okay...
I tumbled off a log at the park the other day
Just call us "Grace..."

Have a pleasnt evening.


fowfies said...

I watched it from time to time. Was nice out and then I had it coming and going. I have to do that with Shelby time is in the morning too. So she sleeps a bit and then she can have it later after we do school. Glad you are alright! Seems like the older we are the harder and farther it is when we fall, I just hate that feeling! Hugs, Kelly

sunnybethe said...

#1 reason I left Scotia was freezing rain and the ICE, 2 was the cold.  Glad you are Ok. (Pssst....I was 40 when I moved here)

I wanted to see the Lunar Elcipse last night, but a front came in with clouds. We won't see another 'total' in Florida until Dec 2010.

: ). tc darlin, Bethe

jlocorriere05 said...

I'm glad you didn't get any lasting injuries after your fall Linda. I didn't see the eclipse, too many clouds! Jeannette xx  

plieck30 said...

Glad you weren't hurt in that fall. I remembered to look for the eclipse and then it was cloudy and couldn't see a thing. It was so nice out though. Paula