Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom and Happy President's Day

Kids are out of school this week for winter break, I have to work all week except Friday!  I do get paid double time for today, but the person who has today off gets paid too, so therefore earns as much as I do and I have to work!  Where is the justice in that?  LOL! 

I have reserved a room for the kids and I at the Great Escape Lodge and Indoor water park for March 2-3 for our little get away.  I think it will be fun. 

I earned another $110 this past weekend end taking care of the lady for her daughter.  I am going in tonight, Wed, and Friday also to help out in the evening.  I think this may turn into a longer term position than I was expecting!  I really like the family and will meet the other daughter next week. 

Miss Daisy went to the vet to have her staples out and to get the rest of her puppy shots.  I think when she was spayed they made a mistake weighing her because she is now 11.4 lbs!  Unless she gained 8 lbs in 12 days!  She is getting big!  I thought I was getting this little dog and now I have a moose!  Her feet have even gotten bigger!  I think I was fooled because she was undernourished and it may have temporarily stunted her growth.  The vet says she may top out at 30 lbs!  Enjoy the pictures at the top...  Linda

I would like to wish my Mom a very happy 63rd birthday!  I love you Mom! 


hpycmpr155 said... sounds like you have hit the jackpot with your "temporary" job.
I know how hard being a caregiver can be.
If someone likes what you do,, your services are worth their weight in gold!
Maybe it will turn into something permanent.
They seem to really like you.

Good luck with the baby moose!

  have a good day!


madcobug said...

Wow, Your Daisy now weighs as much as my Patches. Those are cute pictures of her. You should enter the picture of that farm in the AOL Community Photo Challenge- Winter Blues. Working extra is helping you out a lot. Happy Birthday to your Mom. Helen

breakaway1968 said...

Oh ya it is for sure possible to gain that much in 12 days for a puppy! Especially a puppy that is now being fed right.  She is adorable!  I just love seeing pictures of a happy puppy!!  Her paws are huge!  Looks like she needs her little claws clipped already, she is growing SO fast  ;)  My puppy needed his clipped every two weeks, got to be a big job!  If you could have heard him before!? lol  You would think I was killing the poor dog!  He's good  now thank goodness.  

ally123130585918 said...

Loved the pictures of Daisy ~ by the size of those paw's I think you are going to have a big dog :o) ~ glad you are earning extra looking after that lady for her daughter ~ hope it will turn out to be permanent  ~ Ally x

ally123130585918 said...

PS Happy Birthday to your Mum ~ Ally x

meldermama said...

Thank you Linda for the pretty birthday greeting thanks everyone.  Having a daughter like you makes birthdays special!  you are such a good girl!  Loved the pics of your Pup.  she has really cute feet!  Loveyou Momxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

chat2missie said...

Happy Birthday to Mom from me!  Enjoy your day.

wwfbison said...

Happy birthday to your mom!  Daisy is adorable...what a little cutie she is.  Your kids are lucky to be off all week ~ I don't think we had off a whole week waaayyy back when I was in school.  LOL   Sounds like the other job is going to work out well for you, that's good to hear.

jlocorriere05 said...

Happy birthday to your mum Linda! It would have been my sister's 70th birthday if she was still alive. Daisy is gorgeous,she looks so relaxed sleeping in those pics! Jeannette xx  

fowfies said...

Hope your Mom had a wonderful birthday. :)

tendernoggle said...