Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday day off

I'm so happy I've got today off.  It has been a really long week and I'm burned out.  Of course Travis has refused to go to school and now he is sentenced to a day of housework which I'm sure he won't do.  I am not going to fight with him, he is too big and I get too stressed.  He will just have to suffer the consequences.  Legally he is old enough to quit school.  He better go the rest of the week or he won't be going with us to Great Escape. 

I am going over to do some private duty later this morning.  I also have to go to the pharmacy and the grocery store.  We are out of all the basics.  On top of it all we are going to get up to 12" inches of snow today and into tomorrow!  Hooray....not.  I am so sick of winter.  It is maple syrup season here now too.  I believe I did a entry about maple syrup last year...  It really doesn't get into full swing until mid-march but the people who have sugar shacks start getting ready now.  There is a link on the right for those interested.  My brother is up visiting from Louisiana.  I've only had time to see him once.  Now with this storm coming I don't know if I will see him today.  Its already snowing.  He leaves Friday.  I will be going down in July tho and we can do stuff together.  Maybe I'll make some chicken and biscuits and have them over for dinner tomorrow.  He is visiting his daughter.  My other niece got married a couple weeks ago and they are having the reception Friday.  I hope its fun.  I have to call her Mom and see what I can bring.  Its a potluck dinner.  The man she married is older than her father and wants to have children with her.  He has two or three kids already, one my nieces age!  I made this great pot roast two nights ago and had it over at David's house.  It was fantastic.  We don't have cream of onion soup around here so I substituted French Onion and the results were the same.  It was a very easy recipe and very tasty!  I am going to love my crockpot!  I hope everyone has a great day...  Linda


chat2missie said...

As a mom, sometimes, we just have to pick our battles when it comes to our kids.  It's just not woth getting all stressed out.  I'm still learning that lesson.  Hope you have a good day, and all that snow misses you.

fowfies said...

I hope Travis will stay in school and finish. I am ready for Spring. I dont think I would like the long winters so many have. I would end up curling up in a ball and going into a self induced coma til it was warm enough to go outside again! LOL OH yes, I love my crockpot for one dish meals, especially in wintertime.

sunnybethe said...

OMG Maple Syrup!!  I miss it soooo much.  That and apples.  I used to love going to Lakeside Farms or Forcastle Farms with the kids to go apple picking.  And in the winter to sit by the fire and have French onion soup and a huge sandwich with fresh baked bread.  
I'll send sunshine, if you send Maple Syrup : )  luv ya sweetie,  Bethe

breakaway1968 said...

So glad you liked the roast!  I have tried it with French onion when we were out of cr of onion and hubby said it just wasn't the same.  I thought it was still good tho.  We make it in the slow cooker alot too with the same results.  But less hassle!  Anyway, I have to go check our weather now!  You got me worried!  I haven't checked the weather in days and I wonder if were going to get any of that snow lol.  

jlocorriere05 said...

I visited a maple syrup farm in Vermont, it was fascinating to see the equipment and learn how the trees are tapped for syrup. Enjoy next week at the Great Escape! Jeannette xx