Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A one day job today!

Yesterday I had a phone call from my cousin Kathy telling me that she had a friend who desperately needed someone to sit with her Mother tomorrow.  I was so happy because I had the day off ( now today ).  The lady I'm watching just had surgery and mostly needs bathroom help.  She wears Depends and doesn't make it in time.  I am to help fix her meals too.  I am getting paid more that what I make at my regular job and will be working for 10 hrs.  I should get around $150.  I know sometimes people throw in a bonus too!  The house isn't too far from me either.  I also offered respite services for her Father because he has Alzheimer's.  I think she was grateful she found me. 

The weather has been bone chilling cold.  I hate it when it is this cold.  Everything freezes and makes life difficult.  Luckily I can afford heat and the house is nice and warm.  Thank God, he has certainly held me up since I left my ex.  I've been praying for a good husband too.  Will everyone join me in praying for that with me?  Maybe I need to combine forces.  I don't want to walk through life alone all the time. 

Miss Daisy has been recovering nicely and growing like a weed.  She is into everything and likes to play.  Sometimes she uses her teeth and needs to be scolded.  She has a fetish for socks and shoes and likes to hide them.  Not fun in the morning when trying to get to work/school whatever.  So I am going to wrap this up.  I tried writing this entry last night, but Brownie sat on the keyboard and did something to hopelessly mess it up.  Bad Brownie!  

thanks for the tag Donna!

hi mom and brenda


madcobug said...

I am glad that you will get the chance to help someone out that needs help plus you will be helping yourself out in the meantime. I am certainly joining you in prayers that God will send you a good husband. Someone that you will love and that he will love you and your children and pets and will be a good helpmate and provider for you and your family and that you will have a happy home. (((hugs))) Helen

tendernoggle said...

That job was truly a God send for both you and the people that need you!
love a,
ps...I will pray that a good man comes your way!

cayasm said...

Good luck with the job

Take care


glensfork4 said...

Wishing you all the best.....always


wwfbison said...

The one day job sounds terrific for you.  I love the graphic at the top, that is just adorable!  Happy to hear Daisy is coming along well.  

chat2missie said...

Enjoy your day!

hpycmpr155 said...

Wow..that one day was a great deal.
Good carergivers are so much in demand.
I'm sure the woman was happy to have you look after her mother.

Have a good day!


fowfies said...

Sounds like a great job and great pay for the day! I am just glad you were smart enough to get away from the ex...at times I am sure it can be lonely...but its still got to be better than him for sure.