Friday, February 15, 2008

Cold weather coming!

I wish this was me carrying a basket of flowers.  Instead we are getting another arctic blast coming down from Canada for us to enjoy.  My steps are a big block of ice.  I don't have an ice breaker.  I should of shoveled it off when I had a chance the other day.  Now its frozen solid.  I can't wait for spring!

How was everyone's Valentine's Day?  Mine was ok.  I got two kiss up's at work.  Those are carnations you can buy with a Hershey's kiss and a note for your favorite co-worker.  I got one for each of my co-workers.  I got one from my boss and the girls from the transportation dept.  My other co-workers brought in candy etc...  I had to go to Price Chopper after work and pick up something for dinner and some flowers for Sarah's grandmother and a card.  It was horrible for me to see all those men in there buying flowers for their sweeties.  Made me feel sick.  I feel like some kind of a freak because I can't seem to find or attract anyone.  I got through it however and when I got to the Grandmother's I had Sarah come into the bedroom with me and she signed the card and presented her grandmother with the flowers.  Her grandmother had a mini rose bush for me from Sarah!  I thought it was nice.  Sarah had a good day in school too.  We had pizza for dinner and I bought a heart-shaped chocolate cake for the kids. 

I got a phone call from the lady who hired me to take care of her Mom.  She was pleased with my work and wants me to come tonight to get her into bed and then Saturday and Sunday morning to get her up!  This is a great opportunity for me to help someone and to also make some extra money.  Sarah can come along with me also!  She can pet the stinky old dog that lives there.  His name is Simpson.  He is an old, warty Cocker Spaniel!  This dog is constantly licking his groin area which looks all red and irritated.  That is a big pet peeve of mine, no pun intended.  I can't stand being around animals when they are grooming or licking themselves excesively.  Creeps me right out.  (((  shudder  )))  

Ok gotta go have a nice day everyone! 


nightmaremom said...

have a great day

madcobug said...

Glad that you got Sarah those things for her grandmother and that in return you got the rose bush. That is nice for you to get some work to help you out. The dog probably needs to go to the vet. Probably an allergy of some kind. Hope your day goes well, be careful on those steps. Helen

plieck30 said...

Sounds like you did something nice so that is what counts. As far as being alone think of it this way at least you don't have to pick up dirty socks and you can eat what and when you want. I lived alone eight years after my husband died. Take care, Paula

glensfork4 said...

Be careful on those stairs!!! Someone will come along in perfect timing for you, don't fret.

Have a great weekend.


hpycmpr155 said...

Glad to hear you're getting the chance to make some extra $$.
That's great.
Good caregivers are VERY hard to find so I am sure they appreciated you very much!

Don't feel bad about Valentine's/
It's just another made-up holiday so retailers can sell more stuff.

Have a pleasant evening.


fowfies said...

Glad you are going back to help out the lady, and I know the extra money helps. I want Spring to hurry up and come too.