Friday, February 8, 2008

An itchy subject

Ok folks this subject is a little touch, icky and to some gross!  I'm gonna talk about every parents nightmare!  Head Lice!  I recieved a phone call from the school nurse today with the annoucement that Sarah has been diagnosed with the little critters.  I sighed and said "Oh great".  I haven't had to deal with this since my son was little.  He kept getting them and it turned out the babysitter's kids had them and wasn't treated them. 

Now for those of you who don't know much about lice here is a couple facts. 

# 1  They are not caused by being dirty or poor.  Lice are caught by mostly school children due to close contact.  Lice can happen to anyone, rich or poor.

# 2 You do not need to treat the entire family.  Only the infected person needs to be treated.  Everyone needs to be checked but only the person with lice needs to be treated.

# 3  You do not need to cut off the infected person's hair.  I did cut my son's hair when he was little because it was an easier way to deal with them and he was a boy! 

So wish me luck while I deal with my latest burden!  


bjm125b said...

Oh Linda, I have to laugh, not at you . My children never got them in school, but I worked for the school district for 20 some yrs and the head cook and I would go in at 6:00 a.m and hang our coats on hooks, we have 5 hooks for all the cooks and then at noon when about 6 kids would come in to help us serve lunch. They would wear their coats in class but they had to take them off to serve lunch and plastic gloves and plastic aprons, so here we are a week went by and we where all complaining about our heads itching. So I went by my daughters house when we all complained and told her what was going on . She had a beauty shop in her home. Well she had one of those little fine combs from one of her boys getting them at school. So she combed through my hair and said oh Mom there is nothing wrong other than you have about 10 thousand lice and eggs in your hair, and of course she told me she was going to have to shave my head and all kinds of stff to get rid of them...Told me all us cooks where going to have to have our heads shaved. I just about had a heat attack Then the little shit just busted out laughing. The kids were hanging their hats and coats on top of our coats....We where all in our 40-60 yr range and we all had lice.....She went to the drug store and I called all the girls to come over and get treaated we still laugh about it..Good luch...BJ

nightmaremom said...

ohhhh sorry that is just a pain... it's also said clean hair is easier for them... dirty hair makes it to hard to 'nest' as it's oily....

robinngabster said...

OH the poor thing...hope you get rid of this one easily.

wwfbison said...

Ah geesh, just what you need right.  Good luck taking care of them.

fasttrack58 said...

Oh no... no fun at all....
Linda :)

chat2missie said...

Everytime my sister's kids had an outbreak in school, her kids always seemed to get them too.  I hate those little buggers!  Good Luck with Sarah.

glensfork4 said...

Oh yeah...I remember that - only both of mine got it at the same time, hubby or I never. I used this ointment stuff in a white jar with a blue cross on suffocates them - but it a JOB to get it out of your hair!!!


plieck30 said...

I learned this the hard way that clean people can get them. A bully type older girl kept borrowing my daughter's comb at school and you can guess the rest. I was so innocent on this subject and mortified I called my doctor. lol Also when my granddaughter moved from warm country to cold country and had to wear warm hats and coats to school and hang them with the other students. Well you know the rest so I'll just say good luck and so many of us have been there and done that. Paula

hpycmpr155 said...

 I just came across your journal while surfing around.
 You seem like a very nice person.
   Please feel free to come and visit me anytime:

I always welcome new friends!

the lice thing?
I can remember my grnadmother saying putting a hat on a bed was bad luck. Where did that come from?
The spread of lice!

hpycmpr155 said... my own address wrong:
Try this:


bookncoffee said...

Sorry you have to go thru this.  I had a couple of friends that have had to do it.  I know it is a lot of trouble mainly but usually taken care of once you get everything done.  
I like your journal.  I can tell I will enjoy reading it when I'm given reading time (LOL).  Found you through Horseshoe Bend.

bhbner2him said...

We went through them several months ago where we live.  Uuuggghhh!!!  I kept Bug's hair braided when she went to school so as to slow her picking them up.  Persistence is key!  -  Barbara

csandhollow said...

It took a perm to get rid of those buggers with Brook.
Knock on wood, none this year.
tea Tree oil in the shampoo works pretty good. get the oil not the shampoo that already has it in it.

solace223 said...

I had head lice a few times as a kid but don't remember being to traumatized by it. ;) Creeped me out that there were little bugs living up there though.  
We don't call ourselves "no kill", but I haven't seen us euthanize for anything other than to put an animal out of it's suffering.  We feel that every organization that says they're no kill is all but lying and we don't want to be in their company.  It had to be hard working there knowing that they were going to die though.  We actually take the dogs from a shelter near us that is a kill shelter and we take them when they hit death row.  Those dogs will never know how closely their life came to ending all because of a lack of space.

solace223 said...

oh and do you mind if I snag your breast cancer awareness graphic for my page?

jlocorriere05 said...

Good luck with getting rid of them Linda! I remember a gorl at school many years ago had her hair shaved off due to head lice. Nowadays there are more otins out there to deal with it. Jeannette xx