Friday, February 1, 2008

No school Friday

Isn't this tag a hoot?  It is from My Creative Corner.  I was like that the other day with cleaning.  I will be like that today and tomorrow too!  Sarah is having her first sleep over here on Saturday night!  OMG what am I going to do?  I don't deal well with children at all.  My own I can handle but not someone elses.  This girl better behave!  They better go to sleep too when I tell them too!  I am going to rent some movies for them to watch and we will have pizza. 

I got my income tax return today.  My federal.  Funny $5,000 doesn't look like too much when it is in my bank account.  I've already paid some bills out of it.  I am still getting harrassed by the company that has the lein on the mobile home that the ex is living in.  Even though I don't live there I am still legally responsible for the payments, as is he.  They stopped sending him the bills because they haven't got any money from him.  I argued with the guy yesterday and told him to send the ex the bills and he refused to!  I told him I don't have any money to pay on it so I guess it is going to get repossessed.  Apparently the ex doesn't care because he hasn't paid on it.  He thinks I am going to panic and send them money.  Half of me is panicking.  My Mom told me to wait and see what happens and if I have to declare bankruptcy.  I also have a feeling to call them and see if they will take a settlement of a few thousand so I don't have to deal with this anymore. Or I can send them a few hundred and get them off my back for another couple months.   I bet the ex would like that!  His house would be free and clear thanks to me.  He can sit up there and entertain his so called girlfriend to his heart's delight.  So here is a poll.


Anyhow, I have to go to the pharmacy later before it starts snowing and freezing rain. School is closed today.  Sarah came home from school early yesterday not feeling good so I was going to keep her home anyway.  I called in to work.  Good thing because if we get significant freezing rain like they are predicting, I would of been stuck at work.  I need to get the puppy some Chew-ez too she is chewing on everything she can find.  She craps up a storm too.  At least she goes on the potty papers most of the time.  When it gets warmer I will try to housebreak her completely.  Not much else going on...  Take time to vote! 


mosie1944 said...

Are you feeding the puppy Science Diet?  Because if they eat that, they don't poop as often, and when they do it's easier to clean up.  It's worth the extra money (although Sadie is totally house-broken).

xxroxymamaxx said...

I missed the vote the other day.  I was sooooo mad, I wanted to vote.  I will not miss the election.  good luck with the sleep over.  Fun fun!! hehe.  Love ya, Shelly

chat2missie said...

Girls and you have some earplugs? LOL
Freezing rain here today in PA.
Enjoy your weekend.

frankandmary said...

I have in the past been in a situation by which I owed on something with someone else, who could not or would not pay(she said could not, I say she would not), I did make part payments because it was in part my responsibility.  I did not have children though, & feeding & clothing your kids comes first.
Little girls being good at a party.  HAHAHAHA.
Not gonna happen!~Mary

meldermama said...

Don't send them any money!!!  I can't stress this enough it is like throwing your money away because you cna't afford it.  Go See a lawyer p;ease.

tendernoggle said...

If I had to pay money on it, his butt would getr OUT and I would be living in it.
love ya,

breakaway1968 said...

OMYGOSH WAS I laughing at that tag...that's how I feel once in a while! lol  IF only we had a vacuum that big!  Anyway, I think you should just let the trailer be repossesed.  I know it's bad on your credit but I bet you could argue as to WHY you did it.  I mean why should he be able to live there without paying a single dime!  WITH HIS G/F!!!  NO way would I pay for that if I were you!  
Good luck with the kids.  I have fun with the kids when we have kids over...In fact A friend of ours is coming over with his little guys who is the same age as Nic and they are usually better behaved together! lol  

ally123130585918 said...

Hope the sleepover goes well ~ I remember them well they always seemed to keep awake half the night ~ their giggling keeping the rest of the house awake :o)  
No way would I pay any money ~ unless I was living there ~ I think it would be wise to get some legal advice ~
Hope Sarah is feeling better now ~ Ally x