Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good Morning

Good Morning!  It is Saturday and I am going to be getting ready for work pretty soon.  Next weekend is when me and the kids are taking off to the Great Escape Lodge and Indoor water park!  I am bringing my friend Barbara with me so I'm not totally bored!  Not that my kids are boring but they will be busy playing!  My friend Barbara wears hearing aids and glasses so I told her we will be a fine pair in the water.  She won't be able to see or hear and I won't be able to see.  We will be stranded out there yelling!  I told her we should tie a rope to each other!  Here is a link to the place we are going.  Try to watch the video of the waterpark.  It looks like fun!  Great Escape

I am going to stop by someones house before work and get a bag of freecycle items.  They are giving away bras in my size, a dog sweater and an icecream scoop!  All items I could use!  I need to go thru my junk and freecycle them!  If you aren't familiar with freecycle, put it in your search engine and look it up.  It is a community group that offers and asks for free things that people don't want or want.  Usually its hard to get things that you need.  Easier to get things people are giving away. 

This house is crazy with all these animals!  The cats seem to spend most of the time running away from the dog and knocking over everything in the process.  Brownie is the worst offender.  Little Daisy thinks its a blast to chase the cats and bark at them.  She plays with Tarzan however and they chase each other all over! 

Not much else for news.  Hope you all have a great weekend.   Linda

hi mom and brenda!


sunnybethe said...

WoW, I didn't know Six Flags bought Great Escape ie. Story Town.  When I was just a kid all there was where paths that wound around in the woods to fiburess set up to display different Nursery Rhymes.

I use to take my kids up to Great Escape every year to go on the roller coasters.  Nicci wandered away when we up in the Frontier Villiage.  She was gone for over and hour.  She was fine, a man had found her at the other side of the park.  Me, I was a mess while she was gone,.  Shaking and light headed, I was beyond being upset.  Shock, maybe.

Have a great time...I saw the video, LOOKS like FUN!  Bethe

chat2missie said...

I think freecycle is one the best websites out there!  Enjoy your weekend.

emabecmar said...

I need to check out this freecycle thingy. Hope you have a nice weekend. ((((hugs)))))


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breakaway1968 said...

I hope you take lots of pictures of your time at the water park!  My kids love those places!   Have a great time!