Friday, November 9, 2007

Ann Curry on the Today Show

This past week the Today show was broadcasting a program called At the Ends of the Earth.  I missed most of it because I was working, but I found out today that Ann Curry who went to the South Pole was brought there on one of our C-130's from the Stratton ANG station about 20 miles from me!

She flew on an LC-130 Hercules transport piloted by a four-man crew from the New York Air National Guard’s 109th Air Lift Wing. The unit is highly skilled in dealing with extreme weather and sudden changes in conditions and pilots all flights to the pole.

These planes are a marvel!  They can take off from a very short runway using rockets.  Here is a website on the C-130.  Hope you all enjoyed this entry!

Also a video showing them in Antartica with Matt Lauer!



The 109th Airlift Wing
The 109th Airlift Wing


jlocorriere05 said...

I looked at the link to the plane, it sounds like a real workhorse! Jeannette xx  

wwfbison said...

I think I recall seeing a story on these planes on the History or Discovery channel.
I cannot imagine what take off feels like in one of these.