Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hooray a weekend off!

I'm so glad its my weekend off.  The only problem with that is it goes by so fast and then I have a four day stretch to contend with, then one day off and three more days to work.  I will try to enjoy it while I can! 

I may go out to my Dad's today.  My friend Dave is going to Duanseburg with his family and invited me, but I think I will pass.  I need to stop by Lindsay's anyhow and drop off a big bag of clothes, shoes and toys I got on for her boys.  They are a nice lot of clothes, jackets etc.. all in great condition too.  I was very pleased to get them. 

I went and did some shopping last night at Rite-Aide.  They had candy, nuts etc.. on sale.  I bought some for the grown-ups on my list.  My son Travis loves cashews so I got him two big cans, they were buy one get one free.  They are just the halves and pieces but he will enjoy them anyhow.  I am really torn about what to do for him for Christmas.  He really wants an X-box 360 but they are so expensive.  He has asked for an I-pod also, so maybe I'll get him that instead.  He wanted the Halo 3 game that is for X-box 360 also and I already got him Halo 3 shirts that I found at Wal-mart.  I don't want him opening those and start to think I got him an X-box 360.  I could discuss going half with his Dad, but his Dad is a real cheapskate is and loosing his job besides (going out of business).  I could put it on credit and then pay for it when I get my income tax return.  Maybe I should make it a gift for him AND Sarah and buy her a couple games too.  The games for that system are around $60 brand new! 


Ok this poll and your opinions should help!  Also if the game is for both of them, I won't have to buy Sarah an equally expensive gift.  I planon buying the Arcade version that is $279.  Ok folks that is about it for now...  I 'm making my turkey tomorrow... 



specialadyfink said...

where have the days gone that ya got a hand knitted scarf and was happy to get it and maybe an orange and candycane and some nuts in a stocking...things sure have come along way,LOL
*Take Care*

madcobug said...

The only problem with that Linda is they might not be good to share with the other since they both like it. I wouldn't know how to advise you on this, sorry. Helen

nightmaremom said...

if it's something you can swing I say go for it...  they can always set up a schedule of when and who gets to use it.......   that is a tough one

emabecmar said...

I voted yes, but only if it's something affordable to you. Kids love those things now. I'm glad my daughter is 6 and still likes cartoons, lol. Have a wonderful, restful weekend. ((((((Hugs)))))

cayasm said...

These games are so expensive, have you looked on the internet you might find a bargain.
Hope you have got over your cold so at least you can enjoy your time off.
Take care


tampa0503 said...

Hi Linda....I voted yes because I really feel Santa should pull thru for childrens wishes on Christmas.  The only thing is...they may fight over "game time".  

As far as I can tell the games are still the same price as games were 10 yrs ago for Playstaion 1 and 2.  Besides, the kids swap games with one another.  Be sure you have some rules about this and make sure you know which of your son's friends has the games or they may disappear.

I was oging to suggest getting 2 IPods for for each kid and the XBox to share.  This way the kids have somehting to occupy thier time when it's not thier turn using the Box .  But don't go into debt doing it.

tc,  Bethe

chat2missie said...

I voted yes, because I know how much fun both my daughter and son have with it.  Enjoy your day.

wwfbison said...

I voted yes too ~ it would be a great gift for both of them.  I hope you enjoy your time off.

plieck30 said...

I voted yes for them to share. I know its hard for a single parent now days but I think you will be glad you did. Too bad your ex wouldn't share the cost but I know how that goes too. Take care, Paula

tendernoggle said...

I feel for you......Christmas can be so expensive when your kids start getting older...
I voted yes also....IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY TO SPARE...but I would have my rules already made up ( like who gets to play what at what time; for how long, games  being loaned out,(or not), etc.) and they would follow them too!
Love ya,
wouldn't hurt just to ask his dad to contribute :-)

fowfies said...

I say yes, if you have the money only. They should have a timer set up. Each one gets one hour at a time...when the timer goes off, its the other ones turn. NO fair playing until you get to a point to save your game...they need to watch the timer and save in time before their hour is up! (Been there, done that..example, time for supper, wait have to save game! Ten min later...supper is cold)