Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Day

Now those are some smart turkeys!  Work went well yesterday.  Things went off pretty much without a hitch, well there was one hitch.  One of our diabetic residents had low blood sugar that couldn't be brought back up so she was shipped to the hospital.  Just as they were loading her onto the stretcher, her family came in!  They were a little surprised to find her getting sent out to the hospital.  It happened so fast, there was no time to contact them. 

The meal itself was typical Wesley fare.  Nothing fancy.  Deli meat style turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, cran sauce, roll, pie.  I felt sorry for the residents and some of them complained.  Can't blame them really.  Back in the day before the nursing home got too big and it was more "family-style" they roasted real turkeys downstairs.  They sent up pies baked there and gave people a choice of what they wanted.  There was enough staff and nobody felt rushed.  We could spend more time with the residents and it really felt like a holiday.  Well, those were the good old days thats for sure. 

After work, I went over to my sister in law's.  Her little trailer was packed with people.  There was alot of variety of food.  I grabbed a plate and ate and then left soon after.  I got to see my Grand-nephews and my nieces too.  Travis' father was there and was drunk.  I can't stand being around drunks.  He gets loud and obnoxious and know it all when he has been drinking. 

Gotta go to work.  Have a good day everyone... 

hi mom

hi brenda


nay0114 said...

Hope you have a great day at work.
Take care, Chrissie

fowfies said...

LOL, cute cartoon. :) Nice that you got to spend some time with family. Have a nice day at work. Too bad they dont take the time to really cook anymore there at the nursing home.

cayasm said...

Glad the day was'nt so bad , it's a shame that dinner at the "home" was'nt that good, like most residences it's all about cost and not qaulity.
Have a good day today


wwfbison said...

Too bad they don't give the residents a good old fashioned meal anymore ~ I guess that is the way it is most places though.  Glad you had some family time after work & had a good meal.

nightmaremom said...

Day sounded ok Linda.. glad you got to enjoy a good meal.... hugs to you

tendernoggle said...

It is so sad to know that now money says it all...even when it comes t the generation that brought us all here.
love ya,

tampa0503 said...

gobble, gobble    Health care and big business don't go well together, do they?

At least you aren't married to the drunk anymore. It gets easier to walk away and not look back.  

Havea good weekend sweetie!   Bethe

emabecmar said...

I don't like drunks either. You'd think with all the money families pay to place their loved one in a care center/rest home they could at least have some real turkey. (((((hugs))))