Friday, November 30, 2007

Don't squeeze the Charmin


Many of you around my age of 39 and holding remember growing up watching TV commercials with Mr. Whipple in them.  He always said "Don't squeeze the Charmin" and he would always end up doing it himself!  He died this week.  I understand he was not only famous for his commercials, but he also was in television programs of that era.  Goodbye Mr. Whipple and Thankyou!



breakaway1968 said...

I do remember these! lol  

chat2missie said...

I still squeeze toilet paper and expect to hear someone say, "don't squeeze the Charmin" LOL

tampa0503 said...

I can't believe Mr Whipple died!  
When I was a kid he was old.  LOL...maybe 40 or 50.  He must have been in his 90's.  Thank you for the videoes Linda...and I'm so glad you and your dad are talking again.  

Bethe  PS...I had the air conditioning on all night last nite!  Temps..low 70's but too humid to sleep comfortably

fowfies said...

I remember those commercials. :)

ladymagnolia1963 said...

I remember Mr. Whipple! Oh his commercials for Charmin drove me bonkers lol. But I am sad to hear of his passing.


YAHOO IM~magnoliablossom40

wwfbison said...

RIP Mr Whipple, I remember him very well.