Thursday, November 1, 2007


Yes!  Right now I am ecstatic!  Everything went great in court.  He agreed to everything before we went in.  The only thing he managed to dredge up on me and complain about is that Sarah sleeps in my bed with me!  Yes, she does.  She is 8 and doesn't like sleeping alone.  She is lonely and cold.  Its something we are working on and she is still a little girl.  So I retain physical custody of her.  She doesn't have to spend the night there and also he is not to drink at ALL during parenting time.  I was beyond happy and so relieved.  Thanks to all for sending good thoughts and prayers! 




madcobug said...

Yipeee, doing the happy dance for you. I am so glad that Sarah doesn't have to spend nights with him anymore. Hugs, Helen

emabecmar said...

he complained about your 8yr old sleeping with you? ummmmm your her mommy. I wish my 6yr old would cuddle up in bed with me. I am so happy things went well for you in court. (((((hugs)))))

chat2missie said...

I'm so glad everything went well for you!

wwfbison said...

Wonderful news!!!  Congratulations on your victory.  He is full of baloney about Sarah sleeping with you.  She IS still a little girl, I see nothing wrong with that at all.  How cool he can't drink when she is with him.  Good job lady!!!!

tendernoggle said...

I am so happy for you Linda...I have been praying for this!
love ya,

tampa0503 said...

Only long as you don't mind her sleeping with you, what's the harm?
In a few yrs, she will be a teenager and teenagers don't even like to be in the same room with their parents, let alone in the same bed.  

Great News!  Glad you are doing the "happy dance"!


fowfies said...

This is awesome news! What a great way to start the weekend. :) I am so happy for you and especially for Sarah. He better not drink while she is there, or he could lose Sarah entirely..which in some cases may not be a bad thing...but that is just my opinion. Great job mom! Hey and you know what, my friend and her daughter live alone...and they sleep in the same bed...her daughter just turned what I say.

jlocorriere05 said...

That's brilliant news Linda! I knew the case would go your way. How dare he try to make something out of Sarah's need for company at night, he's just so disgusting and sick! Jeannette xx  

plieck30 said...

Had to get off the puter earlier. Just had to come back to see how you came out. I'm so happy for you. Paula