Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Veteran's Day

I had a good day yesterday despite the fact that I had to work.  I was assigned to work up on 4 Springs which is my favorite unit and I had an easy assignment to do.  I am thankful that I can work and that I have a job that pays me enough so I can get by and take care of my children.  I am thankful for my warm house and lights and food. 

I had to give a lady a tub bath yesterday and she enjoyed it so.  It has jets in it and she just lay there stewing in the bubbling water.  I was teasing her about throwing in some vegetables.  The girl who ran the tub for me promised to keep an eye on it.  Needless to say, when I came back with my resident there was soapy water streaming across the tub room!  Oops! 

I took Travis yesterday for his annual physical.  He weighs 121 lbs and is 5' 10" tall!  He is still growing and I believe will be at least 6' before he is done.  The weight will come with age.  She said he appears very health.  She gave me a prescription for some acne medicine and one for an antibiotic to help.  We discussed how much longer he can come to the practice as he is 16 now.  She said until he graduates if he feels comfortable.  I said well, what if he is 25?  She said NO!  LOL!  Then she said and he better not be bringing his kids with him.  I said well, they might come some day!  We had a laugh about that.  She has been his pediatrician since he was about 2.  He also got 3 shots yesterday.  His last Hepatitis A, his flu shot and also a mengiccocal one. 

The lady that lived next door let Tiger's brother out to fend for himself now.  Clearly abandoned him.  Poor thing is an indoor cat.  Not nuetered either.  I think I may take them both to the shelter.  I cannot take care of 4 cats.  I can also get in trouble by the park owner for feeding them outdoors.  Tiger has gotten in a fight and has a tear on is ear.  I hope someone adopts them, they are really nice, friendly cats.  Not much else to write about, gotta work again.  I also have to call the garage again.  My transmission has been slipping.  They checked it out and said it wasn't coming up on the computer coding.  It did it again yesterday and now my check engine light is on!  Hope everyone has a good day! 

Thanks Sugar for my graphics today!

Hi Mom!


nightmaremom said...

glad work was good... get that car checked..... love ya friend

madcobug said...

Glad that you had a good day at work. Glad also that Travis is doing ok. That is a shame that Tiger's people let him out to fend for himself especially that winter is here. There are some stray cats in our neighborhood. Not tame enough to catch and take to the shelter. Helen

emabecmar said...

I wish I had one of those tubs with water jets in it. I'd soak forever, lol. Glad to hear your son is doing well. wow he's a big boy huh? LOL at throwing vegetables in the tub. What is a Mengiccocal shot? I hate it when people abandon house pets. Good idea to take them to a shelter. It's raining here in Philadelphia, both Rebecca and I aren't feeling well, so we stayed home from school today. She's only in kindergarten so she isn't missing much. I hope you have a great day today. ((((((((hugs))))))

fowfies said...

Picked up some cotton balls with seeds that were left behind...plenty left behind after they harvested, more than you would think! Getting an envelope when I go to the store, a padded one you know. Going to send the seeds off to you Friday, so be looking out for them, k? You can pick them out of the cotton, lol, I was going to, but they are really stuck all in there good. Figured you might like to have the cotton just to be having anyway.

xxroxymamaxx said...

hi Linda.  I've missed you.  I just got your link from Bethe's journal.  Then I realized that you've been commenting again on mine.  duh. lol  I'm here.  Sounds like you are doing pretty good.  love, Shelly

chat2missie said...

Those poor cats.  I'd take them to the shelter also.  Hope it's nothing serious with your car.

tampa0503 said...

HI Sweetie,

Some of the my most memorable and happy times were taking care of aging "residents".  You are caring and special!  

Love your entry today!


jlocorriere05 said...

Wow, Travis is certainly growing good! Hope Tiger's ear is OK, my old cat used to fight and end up with abcesses. Glad you had a good day at work, you should have chucked in a few veg with the lady! Lol! Jeannette xx  

plieck30 said...

I'm sure the people you work with really appreciate the things you do for them. Oh John just puts a peice of tape over his check engine light. Drives me crazy. I don't depend on him to service my truck. lol Paula

tendernoggle said...

Poor kitties....
I hope your car trouble resolves itself....My nephew use to be called bean pole cause he was so tall and skinny...you should see him today...looks like a pro-football player!
love ya,